Microsoft Edge rolls out cross-platform tab and history sync

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Microsoft’s Edge browser is based on Chromium, an open-source web browsing platform from Google that’s also the basis for other browsers like Opera and Amazon Silk. The browser has proven to be quite a popular option for those who’d rather not use Chrome. The latest feature that enables cross-sync for open tabs and browsing history between PC and mobile versions of Microsoft Edge.

This feature was first spotted with the Android Beta version of the app, but only now is the feature officially rolling out to the stable release of the Edge browser. The rollout is currently taking place in the UK, but other regions will follow suit.

Microsoft Edge sync settings on Windows 10
Microsoft Edge sync settings on Windows 10

Edge tab and history sync will be possible between macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android builds of the browser. The update is happening server-side, so you might not see it right away. Head to Settings > Profiles > Sync on the desktop browser and see if you can enable the ‘History’ and ‘Open Tabs’ to be synced.


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