Microsoft Edge Dev is speedy and available now on Android

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Edge Canary Android FullSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft Edge Dev is now available through the Google Play Store (via Techdows). Edge Dev is currently version 91.0.864.11, which brings it more in line with some of the desktop versions of Microsoft Edge currently in testing. It’s also a massive leap over the current stable version of Edge on Android, which is running version

The Edge browser will soon share a unified codebase across platforms. The recently-released Edge Canary on Android was the first major step in this direction. Now, Edge Dev allows people to test out new features for the browser on a more stable version. Edge Dev is still a developmental version of the browser, but it should have fewer issues than Edge Canary.

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Unifying the codebase of Edge across platforms reduces the redundancy of development efforts. It also brings improvements to the mobile versions of Edge, including a new user interface, new menu layout, and improved scrolling. The new versions of Edge also support edge://flags, which lets you try out even more features.

When I first tried out Edge Canary, I was blown away by its speed. Unsurprisingly, Edge Dev sees a similar improvement. When Edge Canary first launched, it was on version 91.0.858.0, which is behind the version currently on Edge Dev.

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