Microsoft cuts its unique Surface Duo down to just $650

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Microsoft has once again sliced the price of its dual-screen Surface Duo, shaving 53% off unlocked models available via the Microsoft Store. The latest discount comes amid Prime Day, offering the lowest price for the device through its storefront. It now starts at $649.99 for the 128GB model, while its 256GB counterpart clocks in at $699.99 in the U.S. It’s the lowest Microsoft itself has positioned the Surface Duo since launch, bringing pricing in-line with many everyday smartphones.

The current $649 asking price makes the Microsoft Surface Duo easier to justify as an experimental device, compared to the premium flagships it once faced. It’s one of the cheapest deals we’ve seen to date on an unlocked Microsoft Surface Duo, only bested by a $550 deal on locked AT&T units. The Microsoft Store also offers a generous 60-day return policy if you’re not satisfied, along with matching prices, should it drop in 60 days.

Surface Duo Product

Microsoft Surface Duo (Unlocked)

Two screens are better than one.

Microsoft delves into the future of foldables with an ambitious dual-screen device, featuring two ultra-thin AMOLED displays bound by a 360-degree hinge. While it’s far from perfect, this Prime Day is your best shot yet, if you’re on the fence.

The Surface Duo launched with an ambitious dual-screen vision, defined by its 5.6-inch AMOLED displays, spanning 8.1 inches when opened side-by-side. The 360-degree hinge allows the device to adapt to various forms, whether open wide, morphed into a single-screen phone, or somewhere in between. This phone has its shortcomings, with choppy software and an inconsistent camera, but this latest discount might be enough to convince those on the fence. You can check our full Surface Duo review for the full breakdown, but there’s a lot to love about this device.

Surface Duo Hero 2020

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

The Surface Duo rocks capable but aging hardware for 2021, with a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB RAM, and 3577mAh battery culminating as an incredible engineering feat. This device is designed around dual-screen multitasking, including opening multiple apps on either display, akin to using multiple monitors.

However, budding Duo buyers should also stay wary of various flaws, including poor software that may hamper your experience. Common bugs and generally poor performance may sour your time with the device, despite over half a year of regular monthly updates from Microsoft. The camera also isn’t impressive, with an 11MP sensor that doubles as a front and rear-facing camera, depending on the current device posture.

While this phone isn’t for everyone, this Prime Day delivers a stellar saving for enthusiasts. It’s easy to recommend this device at its current low price, as long as the device is right for you.

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