Microsoft commits to three years of updates for the Surface Duo

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Microsoft’s Surface Duo will receive both security and OS updates for three years. Microsoft stated its commitment to updating the Surface Duo for three years to Android Authority. Microsoft had already committed to updating the Surface Duo regularly with both OS updates and security updates but hadn’t specified how long the device would receive support.

Microsoft stated to Android Authority that the Surface Duo “Will be supported with OS and security updates for three years.” Microsoft’s three-year commitment to updates for the Surface Duo lines up with the Google Pixel, and several flagship devices from Samsung, including the Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10, and Note 20.

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The Surface Duo starts at $1,400, so people would likely be upset if Microsoft didn’t commit to updates for several years. Some companies only ship security updates for three years, with less support for major OS updates.

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Microsoft Surface Duo

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