Becoming a social media influencer isn’t as simple as uploading content and waiting for your follower count to grow; there are hundreds of variables that go into making great social media content and optimizing your search engine visibility. This $29 bundle will show you the best practices you need to market yourself through social media.

The Social Media Marketing In 2019 Master Class Bundle features 10 courses on different areas of influencer and social media marketing. For example, if you’re interested in becoming the next hit YouTuber, The Complete YouTube Channel Course will cover topics such as video equipment, monetization, and SEO tactics to help you grow your audience.

Alternatively, if you’re more interested in connecting influencers to up-and-coming brands, the best course to cover is Influencer Marketing on FameBit. This course will show you how to use FameBit, a platform that makes it easy for creators to interact with advertisers to produce branded content.

There are dozens of other platforms, such as Twitch and Twitter, where influencers can build a following. If you want to leverage these platforms yourself or work with influencers who do, the Social Media Marketing In 2019 Master Class Bundle will show you how for $29, or 97% off.

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Social Media Marketing In 2019 Master Class Bundle – $29

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