MacBooks now ask you to use Safari when you open up Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft, Google, and Apple all try various ways to get people to use their respective apps and services. The latest effort from Apple tries to sway people away from Microsoft Edge on macOS in favor of Apple’s own Safari browser. A report from ZDNet shares a notification that appears when opening Edge on a MacBook Air.

The notification reads, “TRY THE NEW SAFARI. Fast, energy efficient, and with beautiful design.” It was spotted when ZDNet’s Chris Matyszczyk opened up Edge on his MacBook Air.

Tactics like this are common among tech giants. Microsoft prompts people to try Edge and other Microsoft services throughout Windows 10. Google also suggests that you use Chrome if you use certain Google services on Edge.

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Apple’s decision to try to sway people over from Edge could be a sign of respect from the company. As pointed out by Matyszczyk, Apple doesn’t prompt you to use its services when opening other Microsoft apps on macOS devices.

It’s not clear at this point if this notification opens for everyone when they open Edge on a MacBook, but based on Matyszczyk’s report, it’s at least showing up for some people.

When Edge rolled out to macOS last year, it earned a positive review from our sister site iMore. It has since gained several new features and improved.

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