The Korean Fair Trade Commission lost one major ally in its lawsuit against chipmaker Qualcomm but has now gained another.

BusinessKorea reports that LG has filed amici briefings supporting the FTC. The commission had issued a $915 million fine to Qualcomm in 2016 after finding that it had used patent licensing mechanisms to achieve a near-monopoly on the mobile modem market.

Samsung had initially signed onto the FTC’s case, but dropped out later on as it had inked a new cross-licensing deal with its counterpart. Ironically, “industry watchers” say that LG’s bargaining position with Qualcomm has deteriorated.

Nonetheless, LG is joining a group of Apple, Huawei, Intel and MediaTek in ensuring that the fine is enforced and perhaps further damages. The trial process is expected to take years.

The Taiwanese government has also fined the semiconductors company on the same issue while the US Federal Trade Commission is days await from beginning its trial.

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