We’ve heard about the sound-on-display technology for quite some time, as it was first introduced in TVs. LG brought that particular technology to the smartphone with the introduction of the LG G8 ThinQ, and its Crystal Sound OLED. It eliminates the need for an earpiece that acts as a secondary speaker, as the display itself is the one that is emitting sounds.

A recently uncovered patent filing (PDF) reveals that LG has filed to trademark the “Display Speaker” moniker, which is pretty self-explanatory by itself. However, the application description, among many other things, also lists “smartphones in the form of wristwatches” as a potential usage scenario.

Of course, the technology will allow this feature, but just because it is trademarked and a usage scenario is being listed, doesn’t mean we’ll actually see a commercial product with these capabilities. Still, if LG is serious about this, we might see a smartwatch with a Display Speaker, which would allow LG to use a smaller footprint and shrink the form factor further, while also exploring other UX scenarios.

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