Leaked Rainbow Six Siege footage shows Splinter Cell Operator and more

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Year 5 Season 3 update has suffered an extensive leak, providing our best look yet what’s coming next to the tactical multiplayer shooter. Ubisoft’s ambitious crossover with the Splinter Cell series lies at the heart of the seasonal refresh, including previously-leaked Operator “Scout,” and a set of green-on-black cosmetics.

Year 5 Season 3 marks the title’s first update featuring just one new Operator, as Ubisoft shifts focus toward developing core gameplay features. The previously-unveiled Year 5 roadmap stamps the upcoming recruit with a cryptic “Classified” identifier, sparking speculation of a tie-in with the stealth series. That follows similar crossovers with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, in recent years.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 3: Everything We Know

The first details on Rainbow Six Siege’s Splinter Cell plans dropped earlier in June, with blurry camera-on-screen footage of Season 3 and Season 4 gadgetry. The video clarity made it hard to decipher details, but alludes to a launcher capable of shooting drilling cameras, and the debut of Splinter Cell’s signature SC3000X rifle. That backed our prior reporting, suggesting an Operator codenamed Scout, hailing from Sam Fisher’s Echelon agency.

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The latest comes from reputable dataminer, /u/Zer0Bytes on Reddit, with our first dive into Scout — and Year 5 Season 4 counterpart, Aruni. The footage confirms an intelligence-focused role, deploying up to four cameras, each capable of shooting enemies with a 5-damage burst. While likened to Maestro’s Evil Eyes, the cameras ditch bulletproof casing for a more flexible point-and-shoot design. Splinter Cell fans will also notice the finer details, from his hip-mounted night vision goggles, and the iconic karambit over the standard-issue knife.

The footage also spotlights our Thai Operator, scheduled for this holiday with Year 5 Season 4. Aruni’s primary gadget is the Surya Gate, deployable on doors, windows, and walls, emitting a laser-based barricade. She also sports a prosthetic arm, providing the basis for her secondary ability, punching larger holes in soft walls.

/u/Zer0Bytes also dropped our first Skyscraper rework gameplay, currently scheduled for Year 5 Season 3. While a work-in-progress, the new floorplan focuses on alleviating chokepoints like Drum Room and opening corridors between sites. Ubisoft also appears to have removed several exterior windows, while bringing balconies inside the building.

Take all new details lightly around any unconfirmed content, as plans can and will change before release. Check our roundup of Year 5 Season 3 details we know so far for the full breakdown on previous leaks.

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