Keep an eye on the road with the Vantrue N2S dual dash cam on sale for $170

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If you have a car, you should have a dash cam! You never know what you might need it for including everything from crashes and other emergencies to catching video of rare occurances like a lightning storm or a deer in the road. A dash cam might cost a bit now, but it could save you hundreds down the road when insurance gets involved. Grab the Vantrue N2S dual dash cam on sale for $169.99 at Newegg. We shared a deal a few weeks ago when this price dropped to $190 at Amazon, and you can still find that deal. Most other places it’s going for arouhnd $220. It would be that price at Newegg, too, except this deal is part of Newegg’s Shell Shocker sales (daily deals similar to what other retailers have). This price matches the lowest we have ever seen.

Because this is a dual dash cam, the Vantrue actually has cameras that face forward and backward. That makes it great for catching accidents that unfold on the road ahead, but it can also capture people coming up behind you or even breaking into the car. Whatever you’re recording, you’ll get crystal clear imagery of it. If you’re just using the front camera you can get resolutions as high as 4K at 25 fps. If you’re using the cabin camera at the same time, you can get 1440p resolution at 30 fps. It’s great either way and ensures you don’t miss out on crucial details like license plate numbers and things like that.

The N2S has a built-in G sensor. This helps it detect when a crash has occured and immediately begin recording. The cameraa will also lock and save that footage so there’s no accidental overwriting. Combine the Sony Starvis sensor, a big aperture, six glass lenses, and four infrared LEDs for advanced night vision that can record even in the dimmest environments. The WDR tech provides exposure and dynamic range in low light conditions as well.

Other features include a 24/7 parking mode where the camera’s functions are triggered when it detects motions or a collision. It also has an external GPS suction cup mount that will help you record the route, speed, and location coordinate details for the video.

The camera supports microSD cards up to 256GB, but it doesn’t come with one. We know of some of the best microSD cards out there, so grab something like the Samsung Evo Select 256GB microSD card to save all your recorded footage onto.

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