Is this why the Galaxy Note series will come back in 2022?

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For years, Samsung has been following a dual flagship smartphone launch strategy. It launches the Galaxy S series in Q1 and the Galaxy Note series in Q3. This year, however, the South Korean firm will refrain from launching the Galaxy Note 21. Many rumors had claimed that the Galaxy Note series would be discontinued forever, but it looks like Samsung isn’t done with it yet due to an interesting reason.

According to a new set of rumors, Samsung’s little experiment of making the Galaxy S21 Ultra compatible with the S Pen didn’t work out as well as it had expected. The company had hoped that Galaxy Note series fans would simply buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra along with an S Pen and an S Pen-compatible case. From what it appears, the sales of the S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra have been extremely low. Hence, the company could be thinking of bringing back the Galaxy Note series in 2022.

Samsung had already confirmed that it would launch a new Galaxy Note series smartphone next year, but now we know precisely why it is not fully ready to discontinue the Galaxy Note series. It is still unclear if the company will call the next Galaxy Note series device the Galaxy Note 21 or the Galaxy Note 22, though.

Long-time Galaxy Note series users say that simply adding an optional S Pen to the Galaxy S series isn’t enough as the phone doesn’t have a built-in silo to store the stylus. And the S Pen case makes the phone wider than it should be for comfortable use. While the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is rumored to feature S Pen compatibility, many consumers want the S Pen experience without burning a hole in their pocket by spending on a foldable device.

If you are a Galaxy Note fan, did you buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra and an S Pen for it? What are your thoughts about this whole Galaxy Note series situation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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