Instagram could soon force unwanted content between your friends’ posts

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It seems a set of Instagram users were a bit too fond of the ‘Suggested Content’ that the app threw at them.  A small portion of users will now be able to get more suggested content on their feed (via The Verge) and even tailor it to their linking. Currently, Instagram decides what content is best for you based on its algorithms. Soon, you’ll be able to select the topics yourself via the settings. While the prospect of better controlling what you see on Instagram is a promising one, there is one major caveat.

Some of the suggested content that you sign up for could take priority over your friend’s posts. While you can snooze, or outright block, posts that you don’t like, the idea of Instagram prioritizing content it deems ‘important’ over your friends’ is rather ludicrous. Instagram’s timeline is already a mess, with users getting little to no say over what they get to see. At the very least, Facebook lets you arrange content chronologically.

Thankfully, the aforementioned changes to the Instagram News Feed will not roll out to a wider audience until much later. For now, only a handful of selected users will be able to try it out. It would be ideal if Instagram lets you get rid of all suggested content altogether, but that is very unlikely to happen. While we’re on the topic, be sure to follow SamMobile on Instagram to get your latest dose of all things Samsung delivered straight to your feed.

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