Indie monster catcher JRPG, ‘Nexomon’ will soon make its console debut

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Nexomon is the precurssor to 2020’s indie, monster catcher JRPG, Nexomon: Extinction. It’s a turn-based JRPG where you travel the world and catch wild and dangerous Nexomon. Your goal is to catch these Nexomon, train them, and form the ultimate Nexomon team to defeat the evil NexoLord.

The original Nexomon debuted on mobile devices back in 2017, and eventually made its way to PC last year on June 2020. On Friday, Vewo Interactive and PQube announced that the original Nexomon will be heading to consoles sometime in the future. No specific launch date has been given yet, but we do know Nexomon will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. No word as of yet if Nexomon will join the Xbox Game Pass on Xbox consoles.

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Nexomon: Extinction was a fun, grim take on the monster catcher subgenre of JRPGs that scratched the Pokémon itch for Xbox fans like myself. So, I’m curious to see what the first Nexomon is like when it releases on Xbox systems. Either way, it’s look likely to be a hidden gem amongst its line-up of best indie games on Xbox.

Save the world from Extinction

Nexomon Se

Nexomon: Extinction

Tame wild Nexomon and stop the Nexomon Tyrants

In the world of Nexomon: Extinction, humanity is under threat of being destroyed by the powerful Nexmon Tyrants. Battle, catch, and train over 300 Nexomon as you travel the world to protect humanity from the Tyrants.

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