With spam callers increasingly becoming an issue all over the world, India set out to tackle the problem by implementing a “Do Not Disturb” app that could let users report spam numbers and register to a ‘do not call’ registry so that Indian subscribers can see relief from constant telemarketing calls.

Apple was slow to adopt India’s “TRAI DND” (as the app is called) and the TRAI – Indian telecom regulator threatened to ban iPhones from Indian networks if Apple didn’t approve the app before January 2019. This was back in July.
TRAI DND on App Store
The DND app was launched for Android back in 2016 but Apple took longer because it had concerns with privacy. Eventually, TRAI and Apple agreed to make a version that doesn’t share call log information to the Indian Government.

iPhone users in India can find the TRAI-DND app now at the App Store. In order to install the app, you must have the latest version of iOS 12.1 installed.

Source: iTunes | Via