Are you curious to see what’s inside your (future) Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 but you don’t want to actually pry it open? Well there are probably teardown videos available on YouTube already if you want the nitty gritty details but if you feel like actually displaying it on your device, iFixit has got you covered. Or uncovered. They released teardown wallpapers for the two devices for all of the three new flagships from Samsung, the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e.

It may seem strange to some to want a wallpaper that shows the innards of a smartphone but it’s pretty cool actually and you may even fool some people that you did disect your device. The wallpapers are what the internal guts of the phones really look like so you can display it without actually prying it open.

There’s nothing really special or extraordinary about the new Galaxy S10 line, at least looks-wise. There are some cooling improvements this time around although you won’t really be able to see or pinpoint them from the wallpaper, unless you actually know these things.

If you already have your Galaxy S10 phone, just open the source link and choose which wallpaper matches your device and view it at full resolution. Save the photo and then use it as your wallpaper. There’s also an x-ray version this time created by the folks over at Creative Electron.