If you use Microsoft To Do, it’s time to grab the latest version of iOS

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Microsoft To Do recently received an update on iOS that brings a new requirement for the app. Going forward, your phone has to run iOS 13 or newer to receive updates for Microsoft To Do. The update also includes some bug fixes for Microsoft To Do.

The update brings Microsoft To Do to version 2.41. Here’s everything that’s new, as found in its changelog:

  • We squashed some bugs. Also, if you’re on iOS 12 or below, you won’t see any more To Do updates until you switch to iOS 13.

The changelog doesn’t state that Microsoft To Do will stop working on phones that are on iOS 12 or older, just that it won’t receive any more app updates until you update your phone.

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Luckily for anyone with an iOS device, this change shouldn’t affect you. iOS 13 is available on devices going back all the way to the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. In fact, most people should be able to grab the newer iOS 14 for their device.

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