Huawei official says the company will recover eventually, but the US will lose a lot too

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In an interview for Bloomberg, Andy Purdy, the Chief Security Officer for Huawei in the US said that the latest actions against Huawei are hurting the American people more than the company. For those out of the loop, the Huawei official is referring to the latest actions by the US authorities meant to cut off the company from the global chip supply.

The company’s CSO said that the company will eventually recover from this and adapt to the new environment but many US citizens will lose jobs as it would affect the industry worldwide. Expanding the measures against Huawei will certainly force the company to move its entire supply chain to China, taking business away from its US and global partners.

Huawei official says that the latest actions against Huawei hurt the US more

The exec also said that when Huawei becomes independent from US tech in the long run, the company won’t return again. Other Chinese companies might follow suit and ultimately hurt US’ competitiveness in the field and perhaps would spread to more industries.

Andy Purdy also added that he’s afraid that China might hit back by sanctioning other American tech companies like Apple, which will inevitably trigger a new fiercer stage of the trade war.


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