Huami Zepp Z smartwatch teased and set to get full reveal on 17 November

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The Zepp Z will be the next smartwatch to launch from a brand that orginally made its name making golf and baseball sensors.

The brand is now owned by Chinese tech giant Huami (of Amazfit fame) and the company has teased a global launch event, which will take place on 17 November, confirming the Zepp Z name and giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from the watch design.

It appears to show off what looks like is a circular case with two physical buttons partnered up with a leather band. So, much like the first Zepp smartwatches, it’s likely to be another sleek option to consider.

Those debut Zepp E smartwatches only launched back in August, so we’ve not been made to wait long to get another one.

They came in round and square design options, so the teaser may suggest it’s just going round this time. The image certainly seems to point to a watch with a much thicker case as well.

Zepp Z smartwatch launch date

There’s no indication of features, though we anticipate it will share some of the features from the Zepp E. So it’s probably a safe bet to assume it will have an AMOLED display and sensors like heart rate and SpO2.

As mentioned, Zepp is now owned by Huami – who also makes Xiaomi and Amazfit fitness trackers and smartwatches, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and the Amazfit Band 5.

Amazfit’s devices now all pair with a rebranded Zepp app that should make this new watch an option for Android phone and iPhone users. We also wonder if this is going to be very similar to the round Amazfit GTR 2 watch that was unveiled in October.

Hopefully the Z will be an improvement from what we experienced with the Zepp E Circle. While we had a lot of time for the standout screen and generally solid fitness tracking, we were less impressed with its sports tracking, not so giant battery life and questionable pricing.

We won’t have to wait long to find out what the Zepp E will be packing. We are definitely intrigued to see what it has in store for us.

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