Hey Samsung, make flat displays mainstream or fix those accidental touches

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Curved screens are no longer a constant across Samsung’s flagship smartphone lineups. The Galaxy S20 series was the last to have curved displays on all models; the Galaxy Note 20 had a flat screen, and the Galaxy S21 and S21+ that launched recently don’t have curved screens, either. And I would love to see those curves disappear from all of Samsung’s flagships, for one simple reason: The company can’t seem to fix the issue of accidental touches that has plagued both the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and this year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was derided for its problem with accidental touches, and Samsung does seem to have made things a bit better with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That’s my experience anyway, and I actually thought the problem was minor enough on the Galaxy S21 Ultra to not be a concern. Then the Galaxy S21+ arrived at my doorstep, and my opinion has completely changed in just a day of using the middle child of the S21 lineup.

In fact, it feels very refreshing to use a flat display on a Galaxy flagship. I know the Galaxy Note 20 had a flat display as well, but since it didn’t have a high refresh rate, it just wasn’t the same. That’s not the case with the Galaxy S21 and S21+. While not as technically amazing as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S21 and S21+ still have beautiful displays with adaptive refresh rate that are a joy to use. And not having to contend with accidental touches further enhances the overall experience.

The curved displays have become a nuisance at this point

I understand those curved screens are important to Samsung. They make a boring rectangular slab of glass look a lot sexier than anything without curves, but the novelty has worn off. And at this point they’re becoming a nuisance because Samsung just can’t seem to perfect accidental touch rejection on its phones. From what I’ve read and heard, Huawei does a bang on job with it, and whether that’s true or not, I don’t see why Samsung hasn’t been able to do anything about it after all these years of selling phones with curved displays.

Maybe Samsung doesn’t care to address a problem that’s most likely not a huge concern for the average customer. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to ignore it, either. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a fantastic phone overall, and I hope Samsung can push out some software updates to fix the accidental touches instead of making us wait for the next flagship that may or may not have the issue.

Or, it can just make flat displays great mainstream again, and everyone will be happy. What do you think?

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