Hangouts Meet is dead, long live Google Meet

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Google released a blog post, explaining how Google Meet keeps video conferences protected, without mentioning even once “Hangouts Meet”, a product of its G Suite app lineup. The company later confirmed that the service has been renamed and the “hangouts” branding is retired from Google’s business suite.

Not everyone can join freely in a meeting

G Suite is essentially a suite of cloud computing productivity tools and software, targeted at business users. With the current health situation around the world, many people are now staying at home and rely on video conferencing tools, but with the recent security issues discovered in Zoom Google decided it’s a good moment to promote its own service.

Hangouts will remain a brand within Hangouts Chat. However, knowing how Google loves to rename or even kill its own projects, we won’t be surprised to see it renamed to Google Chat (although Gchat was already a thing). The rebranding of Hangouts Meet is already happening but will take some time to roll out to all business users across the globe.

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