Grounded’s latest patch update is all about preventing crashes

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Grounded 0.7.2 Patch Update ImageSource: Obsidian Entertainment

Grounded is building on the recently released 0.7.0 February Content Update with the new 0.7.2 patch update. The latest update is rolling out now to everyone playing Grounded’s early access on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC. This is a smaller update, but still includes some important fixes (especially for crashing issues) so it’s recommended players install as soon as possible.

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The full changelog for Grounded’s 0.7.2 patch update includes:

Bug fixes

Top community issues

  • Buildings can now be placed with a controller while looking at interactables
  • Clients can now correctly place base building blueprints on top of other base buildings
  • Fixed a crash related to rotating buildings while relocating as a client
  • Fixed a crash related to hovering over unbuilt ziplines
  • Fixed a crash related to beginning zipline creation
  • Fixed a crash when the host exits the game with the map open


  • Fixed a rare crash when a loot bag is dropped from a character who is leaving the game
  • The Repair Item window will no longer assume you have enough ingredients when you do not
  • Dropping items by dragging them onto your character in Inventory will no longer prevent Tab from closing the screen

Microscopic survival

Grounded Game Preview Reco Box


It’s a big(ger) world out there.

Obsidian Entertainment makes its exclusive debut on Xbox One and PC with Grounded, a unique survival experience that literally makes all of your problems much, much bigger. Join your friends as you’re shrunk down to the size of an ant and are forced to survive in a dangerous backyard.

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