The Samsung Galaxy S10 is armed with a number of different utilities it can use to determine the handset’s geographical location. More often than not, however, it’ll turn to GPS — the most common method of tracking the whereabouts of a device in real-time. But for some strange reason, the feature isn’t set to operate in its most accurate form out of the box on some carrier-branded models.To be clear: this isn’t a tool that all Galaxy S10 owners should turn on. If you just use Google Maps to see where a restaurant is before departing, for example, there will be no added benefit of using it. But if you use your handset for either driving or walking directions on a regular basis, you’ll notice a significant difference — even more so with the latter in a busy city centre with high-rise buildings.How to improve GPS on the Galaxy S10Step 1: Navigate into Settings.Step 2: Select Biometrics and security.Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom, then tap Location.Step 4: Tap Improve accuracy.Step 5: Slide the toggles next to Bluetooth scanning and Wi-Fi scanning to On.Once that’s done, your Galaxy S10 will then crosscheck the information GPS is relaying with local Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to create an even more accurate picture of where the device is located, which is useful in populated areas where there are a number of tall structures that interfere with the GPS signal — like Canary Wharf, one of the busiest financial districts in London.Galaxy S10e