During the recently concluded I/O developer’s conference, Google shared that users with smart displays should expect something new over the next few weeks as they will be rolling out new features and treats. Google Assistant devices have already started seeing new clocks and new Routines shortcuts. Now those who have a Nest Hub or a Nest Hub Max are seeing a new Smart Display UI and a revamped homescreen, which may be met with either joy or annoyance (as almost all updates are).

When it comes to the default or rest state of your smart display, it still is your Ambient Mode and/or Photo Frame. But according to 9 to 5 Google, once you start interacting with your device, it’s somehow a bit different now. Of course you will still get your home screen of cards for things like Google News, YouTube, or other things that you usually do on your smart display. But what you see on the background is probably the major change you can expect.

Previously, you only had a stark white background and the left-hand part of the screen will show you the clock and date as well as a three-day weather forecast. Now what you’ll see in the background is whatever is on your Ambient Mode. First few taps will blur your photo or your background but the deeper you get into your cards, the white background somehow returns.

However, what may annoy some is that the weather forecast is no longer there and instead you see an icon representing the current weather, temperature, and high/low. Oh and the time/date plus weather are now on the lower left corner of your screen. You can still see the detailed forecast if you tap on the icon but those who didn’t want that extra step will probably have to get used to it.

The new smart display UI has already started rolling out to Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub devices although it seems to be a gradual one at that. Third-party devices like Lenovo and JBL should see this new UI soon as well.