Google Messages to support Samsung’s Call and Message Continuity

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Samsung’s Call and Message Continuity feature has been around for a while now. It’s a very useful feature that lets you receive and make calls as well as send and receive text messages even on Wi-Fi-only variants of Galaxy tablets and the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

There is one major restriction with this feature, though. It only works with the native Samsung Messages app. If you’re using any other app for messaging, Call and Message Continuity isn’t going to work. That might be changing soon as Google’s Messages app might get support for this feature.

Google Messages app may get support for this feature soon

Samsung’s Call and Message Continuity will work across your devices as long as they’re all logged into the same Samsung account as the primary device that has cellular service. Once it’s set up, you can initiate and take calls, send and receive text messages from the secondary device.

The notification for an incoming call is displayed on both the smartphone and the connected device. It’s also possible to switch between the devices during the call without any interruption. For text messages, the conversation trail will automatically sync across both devices.

If you liked using the Google Messages app for some of the great features that it offers like carrier-independent RCS and Messages for Web, you couldn’t use Call and Message Continuity. However, it seems that Google is building support for this Samsung feature.

The folks at 9to5Google have dug into the latest version of Google’s Messages app and found two new references in the code of the version shipped to members of the app’s beta program that hint at support for this feature.

<string name=”cmc_consent_key”>cmc_consent_key</string>

<string name=”cmc_consent_settings_title”>Text on Galaxy devices</string>

These references alone aren’t confirmation that Google will definitely ship the feature, it may just be testing the waters for all we know. It would be nice if it does. Galaxy smartphone users would then be able to use Google Messages without having to give up this awesome feature.

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