Whenever we get a major leak about an upcoming product, the cynics in us always assume that it’s a strategy of the company to pretend to leak it since they want us to talk about it. And if the product is interesting enough or strange enough, then, of course, it works as we share the news or talk about it on social media. An unannounced project from Google seems to have made its way to their website. The Nest Hub Max may have “accidentally” been published on the Google Store’s connected home page along with a few details about the device.

Basically, this device seems to be a Google Home Hub but with a larger display. Instead of sporting the Google name, it will be under the Nest branding, which is a company they have previously acquired. Obviously, they’ve taken down the page that shows the Nest Hub Max but as with a lot of past leaked things, the Internet never forgets. So we’re able to find some things about the device, although of course, we don’t know if these are the final specs and details.

The page said that the Nest Hub Max will have a 10-inch HD screen which is bigger than the Google Home Hub. Since it’s a Nest device, after all, it also has a built-in Nest camera and it comes with all the standard surveillance capabilities that come with standalone Nest devices. While the Home Hub doesn’t have a camera, this one does so you can make both audio and video calls on the Duo app. It also has stereo speakers so the audio quality is much better than the Home Hub.

It’s still a bit confusing whether the Nest Hub Max is being branded as a tablet or a desktop machine but it’s probably somewhere in between. The 10-inch display is mounted on a speaker with microphones and is connected to the Internet so it’s probably just a larger version of the Google Home Hub. As to why it’s sporting the Nest branding instead of Google is anyone’s guess at this point.

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet the pricing range of the Next Hub Max and when it will be officially announced. The fact that it was leaked may mean that the official launch is quite near so we’ll probably find out in the next few weeks.

VIA: SlashGear