Google boosts your security with Quick Delete, Change Password features

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The Google I/O 2021 Developers Conference began yesterday, and the Mountain View company announced plenty of new features for its products, alongside the first beta of Android 12. It also revealed more ways to protect the content and data of Google services users, including more controls over privacy and a quick way to fix compromised passwords.

Google introduces new security-related Quick Delete, Change Password features

A new feature called Quick Delete will erase everything from your Search history in the last 15 minutes. Also, users of Google Photos will be able to create a password-protected folder where only the owner of the device will be able to open – images won’t appear in the grid or in shared albums.

Another change is Location History reminder – when you are previewing your Timeline in the Maps app, a notification will pop up, reminding you if the tracking is turned on.

Google introduces new security-related Quick Delete, Change Password features

Google has a tool telling you if some of your passwords have been compromised, but changing those isn’t always straightforward – one must open the website, find the account settings, use the exposed credentials to log in, and then change the password. This is a lot of work when one leaked password is used on multiple platforms, but Google now offers a quick fix.

Chrome will pop up a “Change password” button from Assistant and will do it instead of you – the service will create a unique pass and then automatically store it in the database. However, it needs to be enabled for every website and country individually so initially it will only support select platforms in the United States and will expand abroad “in the coming months”.

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