When you ask your Google Assistant for some answers to your queries, you of course expect the best answers since Google’s main business is search. But over the years they have been trying to improve how they present such results to you, making it more visual, giving exact answers in the search box when possible, and other things to make life easier for you. The latest update continues to make improvements by giving you more detailed and “vivid” info cards when it gives you answers.

With the latest update, Google Assistant will show you the key information that you’re looking for whenever possible. You will also get a new interface if what you’re looking for are events in your area or in a specific place. You also get new tools that you can access from the results itself, like a tip calculator, metronome music pacer, and bubble level. You still get the usual links in the results if that’s the best way to showcase the answers. In some cases, you also get ads in the results.

In the blog post, Google gave some examples on how some of these new things will apply to your results. If you ask “Hey Google, show me events in my city”, you’ll get cards that can be bookmarked and will also have associated images. If you simply say “cute cats” to your Google Assistant, it will also show you images in a carousel on top of the rankings for cute cats.

If you search for stocks, you’ll also see a stock performance graph. You get a mortgage calculator in your card so you can easily calculate the monthly cost or the maximum loan you can get. You’ll find a color picker if you need help deciding on what exact color you want to paint the new bedroom in.

These are just some of the examples that Google showed in their blog post but expect to see more changes in how Google Assistant brings you results to your queries. This is now rolling out to Android phones globally so check it out on your device.

SOURCE: Google