Galaxy Z Fold 2 cover display will finally do what the Galaxy Fold couldn’t

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We’re just a couple of weeks from the unveiling of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the successor to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The company’s recent teaser suggests that the device might just be announced on August 5 alongside the Galaxy Note 20 lineup.

Samsung has kept the device tightly under wraps. However, some new information has surfaced about the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It finally gets a feature that was sorely missed on the Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s cover display will be more useful

As highlighted by @MaxWinebach on Twitter, The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s 6.23-inch cover display will be able to act as a viewfinder for the rear camera when the device is unfolded. This will allow users to take selfies with the primary camera system while they see a live preview on the cover display.

We’ve pointed it out multiple times that this was one feature that Samsung should have brought to the Galaxy Fold. It made sense for the device to have it. Samsung did introduce similar functionality with the Galaxy Z Flip but its tiny cover display limited usability. With the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it will be possible to pop open the phone and take selfies, particularly wide-angle selfies, with the rear camera.

Speaking of cameras, Samsung has got rid of the notch so the camera above the internal and cover display will be placed inside a punch hole, much like it is on the Galaxy Z Flip. This will significantly trim the bezels and make the device look more modern. Support for taller 5:4 and 25:9 aspect ratios has been added for the cover and main display, respectively.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 will certainly be launched with One UI 2.5 and that’s going to bring its own set of new features. We might see existing features being improved in addition to new features that take full advantage of the device’s unique form factor.

All will be revealed on August 5 at Samsung’s virtual press event for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. That’s also when we’ll find out when Samsung is planning to release the new foldable device.

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