Galaxy S21 Ultra faces iPhone 12 Pro Max in gut-wrenching drop test

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Drop tests are the kind of videos that give little to no practical information and make for a properly cringy watch for most people. But they can be fun for those with the right mindset.

The guys over at EverythingApplePro have pitted the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max against each other in a drop test that starts off at waist level and ends up at ceiling height.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra lost a lens cover and cracked its screen, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max shattered its rear panel. Here is the full video.

These types of tests are far from scientific, mind you, so don’t read much into the video. Normally you’d need a machine to ensure that the two phones hit the ground at the exact same angle. And you need a fresh phone for each drop – once you’ve dropped a phone it’s become compromised, so subsequent falls aren’t really relevant to its real-life performance.

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