Galaxy S10+ trade-in values make the Galaxy S21+ upgrade a no-brainer

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Galaxy S10+ owners who may want to skip the Galaxy S21 series and keep using the 2019 flagship a little while longer can do so knowing that their device is still powerful enough to handle virtually any task. However, Galaxy S10+ users who want more from their mobile device and are considering switching to the Galaxy S21+ can take advantage of great trade-in deals that make the upgrade a no-brainer.

This is true at least in the USA and a few other countries, as trade-in values differ by market. Not to mention the fact that Samsung doesn’t have a working trade-in program in every region. However, if you plan on buying the Galaxy S21+ in the USA and offer the Galaxy S10+ in return, you’ll benefit from a discount of over 50%.

Galaxy S10+ trade-in value cuts more than half off the Galaxy S21+ price

Samsung is offering a massive $550 discount on the Galaxy S21+ retail price in the USA when trading-in the Galaxy S10+. The latest flagship normally costs $999 or $1,049 depending on whether it comes with 128GB or 256GB of storage.

Trading-in the Galaxy S10+ for the new Galaxy S21+ means you can buy the latest flagship with 128GB of storage for only $449, or the 256GB model for $499. These prices correspond to the unlocked model but choosing the Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint variant of the Galaxy S21+ means an even lower price of just $349 after trade-in.

Without a trade-in, $349 would only buy you the Galaxy A51. It’s a fantastic mid-range phone but that’s exactly what it is: a mid-range phone that can’t hold a candle to the Galaxy S21+ flagship.

Are you a Galaxy S21+ owner or are you planning on becoming one? Have you taken advantage of Samsung’s trade-in program so far, and is the trade-in value offered by the Galaxy S10+ high-enough to convince you to upgrade to the Galaxy S21+? You can refer to the review links and spec tables below for more details on the two phones.

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