The Samsung Galaxy Fold will launch in India next month, according to a new report. There’s no word on an official release date or how much the foldable device will cost in the region, though — all that’s been alleged is that it will be available to pre-order sometime in the second half of the month.To be clear, there’s no evidence whatsoever to support the claim. From what we can tell, it’s been drawn up based on public knowledge, factoring in Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh’s recent revelation that the Galaxy Fold will in fact launch in India and the forthcoming release date of the Galaxy A80.Take from that what you will, but we aren’t in the business of making assumptions, so we’d like to reiterate that the report in no way, shape or form serves as confirmation that the foldable handset will hit the shelves in India in May. It’s more of a rumor at this point than anything else.Galaxy Fold is available to pre-order in the US, thoughMeanwhile, the Galaxy Fold went up for pre-order in the US last week. Market response was overwhelming to say the least, with Samsung having to halt reservations within a matter of days after demand far surpassed its internal expectations. Local carrier AT&T, however, is still taking orders.Want to find out more about the Galaxy Fold? Check out our hands-on.Galaxy Fold