Galaxy Buds+ to have better sound and battery life, no noise cancellation?

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The upcoming Galaxy Buds+ may not have active noise cancellation, according to Twitter leakster Ice universe. The Buds+ will be the sequel to the excellent Galaxy Buds and are expected to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S11 next month, and there’s been no concrete information on what features it will bring to the table. It has been rumored and speculated that the Buds+ could feature active noise cancellation, but it seems that will not be the case.According to Ice universe, Samsung is focusing on better battery life and faster charging with the Galaxy Buds+ and will also improve its sound quality, all of which will no doubt be welcome improvements. The charging case will also be updated with the ability to indicate the charging status of the individual buds, as renders of the case had revealed last week. The lack of active noise cancellation may disappoint some, but it should mean that the Buds+ will not be much costlier than the regular Galaxy Buds.What do you think? Would you prefer to have active noise cancellation on the Galaxy Buds+, or would better sound, battery life, and faster charging be enough for you to make a purchase?

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