If you’re a heavy Flickr user, you might have been disappointed with the announcement last year that the new owners of the cloud photo storage service, SmugMug, put on a limit to the number of photos and videos that you will upload and start deleting your files if you went over the limit. Image deletion would have started on February 5 but due to complaints and technical issues, they decided to move the deadline to March 12 giving users more time to back up their items.

If you’re not familiar with this matter, SmugMug replaced the previous 1TB storage limit for Flickr to just 1,000 photos and videos. Starting January 8, accounts that were beyond that number would not be able to upload any more. And starting February 5 supposedly, they would start deleting your files that went beyond 1,000, starting with the oldest images uploaded. Users were encouraged to back up their older photos elsewhere and then manually delete them to avoid the automatic deletion.

However, some users were not able to back up their photos properly because there were some technical issues on the site. So Flickr announced that due to these problems and the feedback, they are extending the deadline to March 12. After that, they would go on with the automatic deletion. Don’t wait until that date though and if you have plenty of photos that are beyond 1,000 items, you need to already start backing them up.

Of course, there is an alternative to backing up and deleting, but it will cost you. You can subscribe to Flickr Pro for $50 a year. Not only will you get your unlimited storage back but it will also remove advertisements. You will also be able to get advanced stats about the performance of your photos and videos if those things are important to you and your career.