First image of Realme’s Sayshat fitness band pops-up online

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Realme has teased its upcoming fitness band earlier this month during the Realme 5i launch event.

Now we have what looks to be an official promotional banner for the device. The design looks quite straightforward and definitely has some Mi Band vibes. We can probably assume that like Xiaomi’s popular family of wearables, the Realme alternative will have its main, compact plastic body pop in and out of a silicone band, both for charging and swapping styles.

First image of Realme's Sayshat fitness band pops-up online

The display on the front of the unit looks to also be roughly comparable in size – rumors have suggested a 0.78-inch OLED, but we can’t confirm anything from this particular banner. Perhaps Realme went for an even cheaper monochrome display that would still get the job done?

In any case, we can be certain that the Realme wearable will feature the customary for the brand aggressive pricing. It says so on the banner itself. Plus, plenty of clues point to an India-only or, at least, primarily India market effort for the device.

Its name is probably the best argument in this regard – Realme हत . Apparently, the second part of the name is written in Devnagarim which makes for that nice cursive script look. The two parts of the name together sound like Fitness in Hindi, making the entire thing a play on words.

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