Find My Mobile gets offline finding feature but it’s not available everywhere

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Samsung is rolling out a new update to Find My Mobile, the company’s mobile service that lets you find your misplaced phone and block access to it remotely. The latest Find My Mobile update adds a new offline finding feature that allows users to find their devices even if they’re not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. This new addition is paired with an option to encrypt offline locations for added security.

First discovered by Max Weinbach, offline finding seemingly leverages Galaxy devices from other users to find your own device as long as it’s in their vicinity, even if it’s disconnected from Wi-Fi and cellular networks. At least this is what seems to be going on under the hood judging by Samsung’s notification. We are unable to test this new offline finding feature ourselves because even though we did get the Find My Mobile update in countries including the Netherlands and India, offline finding is not yet available on any of our devices.

We’re guessing offline finding might be subjected to a staged rollout or the feature remains exclusive to the USA for the time being. But once you will gain access to offline finding – assuming you haven’t already – you will be prompted through a notification.

Have you received this Find My Mobile update and if so, do you have access to offline finding? What Galaxy device are you using and where? Feel free to drop a line in the comment section below and let us know.

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