Eve Aqua HomeKit-Connected Water Controller Gains Thread Support via Firmware Update

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Eve today announced the availability of Thread support for the second-generation Eve Aqua, which is now available through an Eve Aqua firmware update.

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The Eve Aqua, for those unfamiliar, is a smart water controller that attaches to any outdoor faucet, adding smart functionality and irrigation controls to sprinklers and hoses.

Eve has been working to update all of its Bluetooth-compatible accessories with Thread technology, and several of the devices, including Eve Aqua, have a Thread-capable chipset inside that can be activated through a firmware update.

As a battery powered device, Eve Aqua is a Minimal Thread Device that does not relay packets, but the mesh network Thread technology in general offers extended range and connectivity improvements when paired with a Thread-capable device like the HomePod mini.

Eve has three Thread-capable devices including the Eve Door & Window and the Eve Weather, with a Thread-enabled Eve Energy smart plug coming to the U.S. at the end of April. The Eve Energy, as a continually connected device, is a Full Thread Device that enables extended range for accessories like the Eve Aqua when placed between the Eve Aqua and a ‌HomePod mini‌.

The new firmware update can be downloaded through the Eve app. The Eve Aqua is available from Amazon for $80.

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