DuckDuckGo is the most popular alt search engine among Android users in the EU

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After the EU ruled that Google should offer Android users a choice of search engine and browser, the company held an auction for alternative search engines that wanted to participate. The choice screen rolled out to users in the middle of last year, which brings us to today – Google announced the most popular alternative search engines per country.

The clear winner is the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo. It was the top choice in all EU countries but one – the UK. There, Bing was on top. Unfortunately for Microsoft, its engine didn’t even make the Top 3 everywhere else.

The clear runner-up is, a meta search engine with a social networking twist. PrivacyWall, Qwant and Yandex were other popular choices, you can see the full list below.

You will be asked to pick a default search engine when setting up an Android phone
You will be asked to pick a default search engine when setting up an Android phone

The choice screen currently appears the first time you launch the Play Store. However, starting in March this year, the screen will become part of the initial setup of the device.

Note that the options for search engines vary by country, each engine is free to bid in the auction for the countries it’s interested in. The three highest bidders plus Google will be shown in a random order. This might explain why Bing appears so rarely in the list – maybe Microsoft only bid for for placement in the UK.

Here’s the breakdown per country. To be clear, these are the most popular non-Google search engines.

Country Winners
Austria DuckDuckGo, GMX,
Belgium DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Bulgaria DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Croatia DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Czech Republic DuckDuckGo,, Seznam
Denmark DuckDuckGo, Givero,
Estonia DuckDuckGo,, Yandex
Finland DuckDuckGo,, Yandex
France DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Germany DuckDuckGo, GMX,
Greece DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Hungary DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Iceland DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Ireland DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Italy DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Latvia DuckDuckGo,, Yandex
Liechtenstein DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Lithuania DuckDuckGo,, Yandex
Luxembourg DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Malta DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Netherlands DuckDuckGo, GMX,
Norway DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Poland DuckDuckGo,, Yandex
Portugal DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Republic of Cyprus DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Romania DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Slovakia DuckDuckGo,, Seznam
Slovenia DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Spain DuckDuckGo,, Qwant
Sweden DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
United Kingdom Bing, DuckDuckGo,


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