Dolby Vision coming to Apple TV for Xbox consoles this week

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Xbox Series X, Xbox Series SSource: Matt Brown | Windows Central

Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are about to get a boost when it comes to entertainment. This week, the Spotify app for Xbox consoles will gain support for video podcasts. Additionally, Apple TV on Xbox consoles will gain Dolby Vision support. Microsoft highlights these additions, as well as the recently added Discovery+, Paramount+, and IMDb TV apps for Xbox.

Video podcasts such as “The Misfits,” “higher Learning with Van Lathan & Rachel Lindsay,” and “That was fun? with Addison & Sheri” will be playable on the Spotify Xbox app this week. You’ll be able to play the video podcasts in full screen mode or just listen to their audio in the background while you use another app or play a game.

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Microsoft highlights how you can control Spotify with your phone, making it possible to control your media playback on your Xbox without interrupting whatever else you’re doing on the console.

Dolby Vision brings highlights up to 40 times brighter and darks up to 10 times darker than standard pictures. Dolby Vision adjusts visuals frame-by-frame with dynamic data and pushes out a high range of colors. Apple TV shows and movies that support Dolby Vision will feature a logo in their description.

Microsoft teases that more media apps are coming to Xbox consoles this summer. The Xbox Series X and Series S may have lost out on some of the dedicated TV functionality compared to their predecessors, but the library of media apps is large and continues to grow.

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