Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris map and rewards for April 23-27

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The competitive PvP mode Trials of Osiris is now live in Destiny 2 from April 23 until April 27. In Trials of Osiris, you and two other players team up against another team of three to compete across several rounds. Whoever wins the match has a win added to their Trials card. Getting three, five, and seven wins over the course of the weekend nets you several pieces of Trials gear, and if you manage to win seven games in a row, you can go Flawless for Adept loot that has improved effectiveness compared to the standard versions of the weapon you would normally get. This weekend, players will be competing on the map Javelin-4, which has plenty of long sightlines great for sniping.

The loot you can get from Trials of Osiris is usually awesome. Here’s a look at what’s on offer this week:

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  • 3 Wins: The Messenger (Pulse Rifle)
  • 5 Wins: Coming Soon!
  • 7 Wins: Coming Soon!
  • Flawless: Coming Soon!

Are you a big Trials of Osiris fan, or are you new to the gamemode and interested in trying it? Are you planning to play Trials this weekend? Let me know. The latest Destiny 2 expansion, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, is available now for $40 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The base game is free, so if you’re looking to try Destiny 2 out before investing any money, you can do so. If you do decide to try the game, don’t miss my beginner’s guide on how to get into Destiny 2 in 2021. Also, for some weapons and builds that will improve your effectiveness in Trials, check out my list of the 10 best Destiny 2 weapons you need to farm in Season of the Chosen as well as a guide to the best Destiny 2 builds, and how to make your own.

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