Compal denies that it was hit by a ransomware attack for almost $17 million

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Compal Electronics, the second-largest laptop manufacturer in the world, was allegedly hit by a ransomware attack over the weekend. The alleged DoppelPaymer ransomware attack is said to demand almost $17 million worth of Bitcoin. Compal denies that it was held at ransom, but BleepingComputer claims to have a copy of a ransom note used in the attack.

Compal manufactures laptops for several major brands, including Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

DoppelPaymer is a type of ransomware attack that is commonly used to target enterprises. The attack gains access to a network and then spreads the ransomware to devices connected to the network. Then, attackers hold the devices for ransom and demand payment in exchange for a decryptor.

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Several media outlets, including TechNews reported over the weekend that Compal was hit by a cyberattack. Compal claims that it is not being blackmailed but that the attack was an “abnormality.”

Compal deputy manager director Qingxiong Lu told reporters “[Compal] is not being blackmailed by hackers as it is rumored by the outside world” (via ZDNet). Qingxiong also clarified that the attack affected Compal’s internal network but did not affect any laptops made by the company.

Despite Compal’s claims, BleepingComputer shared what it states is a ransom note used in the attack.

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