Clues hint at Samsung’s Nightfury Chromebook entering production

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Samsung’s mysterious QLED Chromebook codenamed Nightfury has entered the production stage, at least according to a commit found in the Chromium Repositories by Chrome Unboxed. The commit message suggests that the developers have made the necessary BIOS changes for Nightfury to leave the manufacturing stage behind and enter the production phase.

The commit doesn’t reveal much else about the mysterious Samsung Nightfury Chromebook but the BIOS change was made in the Intel management engine (ME) and the device is expected to feature a 10th-generation Intel processor. It’s unclear if this will be the exact same 10th-gen Intel CPU that was employed by Samsung’s first AMOLED-based Galaxy Chromebook.

Nightfury supposedly entered development in February, which would mean that Samsung has been working on this new QLED Chromebook for the past eight months. In theory, this should be enough time for the company to ready the new device for production, but of course, Chromium Repositories commits don’t always tell the full story. There’s a chance that Nightfury will be unveiled in the next few weeks, but there’s an equal chance that the Chromebook will fall back into obscurity for a while before more details emerge.

Time will tell exactly what price bracket Nightfury will occupy but it will probably be more affordable than the company’s AMOLED Galaxy Chromebook. And hopefully it will also deliver more battery life considering the fact that low energy efficiency is one of the very few issues the Galaxy Chromebook has. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more. In the meantime, let us know if you’re invested in the Chromebook ecosystem and/or if you’re looking forward to the release of a new Samsung model.

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