Chinese state media has intensified its rhetoric against the United States in the wake of Canada detaining Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, suggesting that Apple and other tech companies could be locked out of the world’s second largest economy.

The government-published Global Times called Meng’s treatment a “violation of human rights” and asked “why should Chinese netizens allow their companies to share China’s digital economy?”

China can restrict US companies from entering the Chinese market by overhauling its standards for market access, acquisition rules and telecom protocols if the country wants.

One such example, some China observers speculate, was the recent legal ruling in favor of Qualcomm that blocked the import and sales of iPhones running software versions earlier than iOS 12.

The People’s Daily featured a column this week criticizing Canada’s role in the controversy, cautioning that the country “will pay a heavy price.”

The Justice Department has been pursuing Meng on charges of defrauding banks and obscuring breaches in US trade sanctions against Iran on behalf of Huawei. Other facets of the US government have warned citizens and contractors against using Huawei equipment vulnerable to data siphoning by the Beijing government.

The company has denied all such claims, but is still being investigated and has been blocked from 5G network supply contracts in several countries.

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