The fingerprint scanner has moved under the display in the pursuit to make room for bigger screens, but with a big caveat – it can only be placed under an OLED panel since only this type of display can allow for the light to pass from underneath the matrix.

Now, a Chinese company called Fortsense, has figured out a way to implement the sensor under an LCD, and expect smartphone manufacturers to adopt the tech by the end of the year.

Photos of the Fortsense presentation Photos of the Fortsense presentation
Photos of the Fortsense presentation

According to leaked photos of a marketing presentation, Fortsense has figured out how to let light pass through the LCD in order for the optical FP scanner to read the actual finger – with a specific membrane, placed between the layers of the screen. That way the sensor can read a finger placed in 160 different ways.
Finding a way for the scanner under the LCD can be a gamechanger in the low- to middle-end of the smartphone industry since the panels are way easier to manufacture, therefore the competition is bigger and the price is lower.

Quality OLED panels are made by three key companies – Samsung, LG, and BOE, and their market share can plummet once manufacturers decide there is no use anymore in purchasing the more expensive solution.