Check out Spellbreak Chapter 2’s Dominion Mode, Ranked Play, and new quests

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As of April 8, 2021 Spellbreak Chapter 2: The Fracture has officially released, bringing with it several new features and quests for players to experience. There’s also a new Chapter Pass players can purchase, which allows you to unlock rewards like cool new outfits upon completing story-driven quests. And there’s plenty of new story to discover! It’s definitely an awesome PC game.

We previously got to preview Chapter 2: The Fracture to get a taste for the new Dominion Mode. It’s a multiplayer capture and control game where teams of up to five players compete to maintain control of three different areas. You’ll need to use your elemental powers to fight opponents off and get more points.

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Chapter 2 also introduces a League Ranking system. Players who do well during rounds will earn points that allow them to move up the tiers within the league and unlock new stages. The higher up you go, the more competitive it gets. To keep things interesting, players will need to spend Crowns, earned from doing well in rounds, to participate in the higher leagues.

Spellbreak is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Check it out and see what the magic is all about.

Brave the Spellstorm

Spellbreak Chapter 2 The Fracture


Prove your elemental control

You and your squad use elemental gauntlets that shoot fire, ice, electricity, gas, wind, or stone to try and beat other players online. Attacks can have elemental reactions when one type is mixed with another, so your team can become really deadly when working together. Chapter 2 also brings a bunch of new features to discover.

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