Check out some new screenshots for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is on the way, with a new gameplay trailer, tons of information and more. Additionally, if you want an idea of just how much work has gone into remastering these titles, EA and BioWare have shared a handful of screenshots from the first game.

In addition to the shot above of Sovereign on Eden Prime, you can take a look at some comparisons for the planet Virmire below. The original version of the game is on the left, while the Legendary Edition is on the right. You can tap or click the images to enlarge them.

Here’s another set of comparison shots, this time on Feros:

The legend returns

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Commander Shepard’s story

With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, you can experience all three classic games like never before. Improved graphics, gameplay and every bit of DLC ensure this is a remaster worth grabbing.

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