Caviar has made a $45k Apple Watch for rich idiots

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The most expensive Apple Watch Series 6 that you’re ever likely to see has just gone on sale… the Apple Watch Gold Diamond Edition, from Caviar Royal Gift, can be yours for just north of $45k.

The $45,080 price tag (what the heck does the $80 cover that the other $45,000 doesn’t?) makes it, we think, the most expensive Apple Watch you can buy.

If you go official with Apple you can get up near the $1k mark if you choose a Series 6 with a titanium case and one of the fancier straps – or spend around $1,300 if you go for a Hérmes Edition – but there’s no touching Caviar’s whopping price-tag.

Apple used to offer stupidly-priced Watches a few years back – our roving reporter Dan Sung went ‘undercover’ pretending to buy a $15k 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition in 2015. Apple has since stopped that sort of nonsense though.

But Caviar Royal Gift obviously think there’s a market. It’s top-end luxury model – of which only five will actually be sold – is constructed of 18-karat gold with a “scattering” of diamonds.

If I was paying $45k for a smartwatch, I’d want something more concrete than a “scattering” to describe what sort of diamond bang I’d be getting for my buck.

It is there in the small print (it’s 109 diamonds) but if I was paying $45k for a smartwatch, I wouldn’t want to be reading small print.

The “exclusive accessory” features a band made of rare genuine crocodile leather – which sounds truly awful.

However, if you can ignore the unnecessary use of a rare animal skin you can, apparently, “feel harmony, grace and splendor in every detail of the device.”

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to $45,080 (maybe it’s that extra $80 putting you off) they’ve got a few cheaper models around the $4k mark to consider.

There’s no mention of feeling harmony, grace and splendor with these budget-options, but there is a promise of your new watch fitting perfectly into the image of a confident man. And that makes total sense. No need to overthink it.

Grab yours now over at That’s not an affiliate link, by the way – can you even imagine?

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