AT&T has started accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold, as part of which it’s offering customers the option to split the $1979.99 asking price into 30 more affordable chunks of $66, debited from their bank account every month. And to make the deal even more tantalizing, it’s waiving its upfront free.Market rival T-Mobile won’t start accepting reservations for the handset until April 25 and there’s been no word of an installment agreement, so the chance to snag such an expensive device on a repayment plan could be enough to force some of its customers to make the switch over to AT&T.In fact, it’s been radio silence from T-Mobile as far as its tariffs for the Galaxy Fold are concerned. It’s confirmed that the handset will cost $1979.99 and that it — like AT&T — will be offering customers a set of free Galaxy Buds and a protective cover at no extra cost. But that’s all we’ve heard to date.AT&T is the only retailer customers can pre-order the Galaxy Fold from right now in the United States. Samsung started accepting reservations for the handset in the region last week, but was quickly forced to halt the scheme after demand for the foldable far surpassed its internal expectations.Keen to find out more about the Galaxy Fold? Check out our hands-on.