Bungie’s original Halo website is being taken down on February 9

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Bungie, the original developer of the Halo franchise and the developer and publisher of the Destiny franchise, has announced in a new This Week at Bungie blog post that its original Halo website is being taken down permanently on February 9, 2021. Players are encouraged to save tracked stats and shared files from Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach before that date.

It’s sad to see the old Halo website finally shut down, but considering Bungie split from Halo a full decade ago, it’s cool that the developer kept it up for as long as it did. It’s important to note that according to Bungie, old News posts as well as the Forums and Groups were imported to the current Bungie website in 2013, so it seems that players don’t have to worry about these disappearing come February 9.

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If you were a fan of Bungie’s Halo games but haven’t tried out Destiny, I highly recommend you do so with Destiny 2. It’s a great game with tons of gameplay depth (check out my guide on how to get into Destiny 2 in 2021 for help), and the Destiny universe as a whole is just as fantastic as Halo’s. Also, the Beyond Light expansion came out for the game recently, meaning that now is a great time to jump in. If you’d like to enjoy Bungie’s Halo titles on modern hardware, we highly recommend the Master Chief Collection, which offers all of the pre-Xbox One Halo games for a great price.

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