Build a faster PC with HyperX’s latest DDR4 RAM kits

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Kingston’s gaming division, HyperX announced the release of three new high-speed Predator DDR4 RAM module kits, arriving in 5000MHz, 5133MHz, and 5333MHz frequency variants. These new kits will be available as 16GB kits with two 8GB modules allowing for capable gaming and productivity PC builds.

The new Predator RAM modules make use of a black printed circuit board (PCB) with a black aluminum heat spreader for a stealthy look that should fit in with most designs. Interestingly, it was the Predator line-up of RAM that managed to set the overclocking world record of a whopping 7200MHz in April.

The latest additions to the Predator RAM family from HyperX mean you will have a choice between 2666MHz and 5333MHz with latencies ranging from CL13 and topping out at CL20, depending on how much performance is required. The three latest kits announced today will be available as CL19 for 5000MHz and CL20 at 5133MHz and 5333MHz, running at 1.55v and 1.6v respectively.

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Pricing for the kits will be $870, $995, and $1,245, available today at participating retailers. HyperX joins the likes of Crucial in offering RAM modules at seriously high DDR4 speeds, though most PC builds will be just fine with kits at around 3200MHz, as recommended in our best DDR4 RAM collection.

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