Borderlands 3 is landing on the Xbox Series X and S with new enhancements

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The Xbox Series S will also gain some performance and visual enhancements, but details aren’t available. It’s possible the Series S will also target 60fps, but at a lower resolution. Next-gen consoles will also benefit from massively improved load times, something that Borderlands 3 has been criticised for in the past. All current-gen and next-gen consoles will also have 2-player vertical local co-op available. If you’re interested, you can check out the new trailer above.

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Borderlands 3’s next-gen upgrade is completely free for all current and new players who have a next-gen console. The game also supports save transfers and will keep your progress and purchases, which is always fantastic to see. It’s available starting today for the Xbox Series X|S, and November 12-19 for the PS5.

Today’s announcements were about more than just the next-gen upgrade for Borderlands 3, though. There’s also a host of new editions and content available for the game, both for existing veterans and newcomers who are interested in the title. To start with, the Designer’s Cut pack ($15 at Microsoft adds new skill trees for existing Vault Hunters and a new game mode called Arms Race. There’s also a new Season Pass 2 that will add new content throughout the future, a new next-gen only edition called the Next Level Edition ($70 at Microsoft, and a cosmetic pack for four Vault Hunters that is included in both the Season Pass 2 and Next Level Edition, as well as being gifted to current owners of the Super Deluxe Edition or Season Pass 1.

Finally, there’s a new quintessential version of Borderlands 3 that bundles all of these benefits, past and current, into one version, with Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition, which includes the new Season Pass 2, the first Season Pass, and a ton of content for the game.

If you haven’t been able to secure a next-gen console yet, be sure to keep an eye on our guide to the best places to look for an Xbox Series X|S.

Next-level mayhem

Borderlands 3

Coming to next-gen consoles.

2K and Gearbox are upgrading Borderlands 3 for next-gen consoles, starting today with the Xbox Series X|S. Not only do next-gen players get a free upgrade with increased visuals, performance, and split-screen modes, but a ton of new content and add-ons are available now for Borderlands 3, including a new “Ultimate Edition” that includes it all.

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